Heart & Brain Underwater

About me

work to Dive, Dive to live…

I love travelling to various countries for scuba diving. Got my PADI OW in 2003, AOW in 2004, Nitrox 2008. Picked up underwater photography in 2003, have a Canon Powershot G9, in Canon housing, with UN macro lens (where necessary) but without external strobe. The UN macro lens has been claimed by Davie Jones as his own (ok, my mistake…)… Tried out my new Olympus Xz1 + Oly housing in Tulamben & Timor in May, also bought +5 & +8 macro lens, need to get used to them, still not planning to get a strobe…

Coolest stuff I’ve encountered u/w: 1) Manta Rays, 2) Whale sharks, 3) Blue-ring Octopus, 4) Thresher Sharks, 5) Mandarin Fishes, 6) Flamboyant cuttlefish, 7) Wunderpus, 8) Napoleon Wrasse, 9) Sharks, 10) Nice buddies .

Non diving “recreational” activities: volunteering with Shark Savers Singapore,  swimming, planning the next trip/s, read scuba dive mags (on & offline), roller-blading (haven’t done that for the past year), playing badminton (haven’t done that for the past months)…

Shark Savers Singapore needs more pledges proclaiming “I’m FINished with FINS” & SUPPORT for the petition to the Singapore government to remove shark’s fin from the official banquets & support the shark’s fin trade ban! Click Pledge at Shark Savers

Shark Savers – Ban the Fin


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