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Say NO to Shark Fin This Chinese New Year!

2012: Ok, I am lazy… Won’t be writing a new post, just updating the post with the new graphics…

在这个龙年,祝大家身体健康, 年年有余!!!









The below post was originally posted on 28 Jan 2011…

Please Join us in saying NO to shark fin soup this Chinese New Year! Set this as your Facebook profile picture from now till 18 Feb to show support to marine conservation now!
Here’s how: Right click photo, save it in your PC. Upload the photo to your profile and set as profile picture! Or you can also tag yourself to this photo and set it as your profile picture! 🙂

We will be putting up media releases in Singapore right before CNY, and we need to have as many people supporting this as possible in order to garner media attention. Let’s act now!

If you are the administrator of a web page/ blog / etc, please do share this link out too, asap. Thanks! 🙂 Please get all your friends to do the same too!
(You may use this same message in your picture description)

Special thanks to Din for helping with the design! Special thanks to Pinky Fruhwein for assisting with the Chinese characters!


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