Heart & Brain Underwater

Malapascua, Philippines (13 Aug 2007)

Details for 13 Aug 07
05:30 Couldn’t sleep liao, heard the dive boat departed & kept wondering & hoping that they would see the thresher sharks again… Got up & completed my dive logs. Then washed up…
07:30 Went out for a walk. On the way back, met a little gal who asked me for 1P for taking her photo… Erm, I didn’t bring any money out…
09:00 Had a hearty breakfast! Finished the payment & walked to the Bounty Beach
10:30 Reached Bounty Beach, the boatman tried to CONvince us that they might not move out at 11:30 if there wasn’t enough passengers Disappointed & asked for 500P…  We decided to wait. Anyway, I was shopping for thresher t-shirts.
11:30 The boat moved out on time, full-loaded & they even had a motorbike on board!
12:30 Reached Maya jetty, made it to the waiting bus. Neat!
16:30 Reached the North Terminal on time, after a very dusty, bumpy, noisy & hot drive… It was crowded on the bus, nobody offered their seats to a mum carrying her little gal… Eye-rolling
17:00 The cab driver didn’t give me any change when I paid 200P for a 120P…
18:00 Had a very expensive dinner at the airport…
19:45 Plane was late… 5J547
23:00 Managed to touched down 20mins early, despite taking off 20mins late! The captain was incredible, like the rest of our trip! Open-mouthed

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