Heart & Brain Underwater

Malapascua, Philippines (10 Aug 2007)

Details of 10 Aug 2007
Travel details
00:25 –  Flight 5J548 Cebu Pacific http://www.cebupacificair.com/
04:05 – Reached Mactan – Cebu International airport
04:45 – Took a cab to North Bus Terminal. The “crook” cab driver (he was short, fat & very short hair) tried to con us into believing that the public bus to Maya (at the northern tip of Cebu) will only start at 10am & we should take his cab there.
05:00 – Reached bus terminal. The crook cab driver tried to get 350P from us! The agreement was 250P (meter will be around 120P only! Which I found out during the return journey)
05:40 – Took Ceres Lines bus to Maya. We were a little confused by the many “helpers” at the bus terminal, who kept trying to “promote” their buses.. Anyway, it seems like the buses of the other companies – Autobus etc to Maya do not have air-con, so we chose Ceres Lines (orange colour) – EDIT:  Ceres Lines didn’t have A/C too! in 2007 & 2008. Their buses looked newer, we thought they were a/c! :p
10:00 – Reached Maya, after a very bumpy, loud (the driver had the radio on at top volume for the whole 4hrs & the station was playing funky filippino songs!), dusty & sleepless (the driver was quite reckless, he took sharp bends at the same speed w/o reducing speed & overtook other vehicles on the narrow roads) ride… Guess it was q gd fun though, kept the adrenaline pumping… haha..
11:00 – Took the “public ferry” (small boat) to Malapascua (40P). Some men was trying to get us to charter their boats at 350P, claiming that the public ferry was full!
12:00 – Reached Malapascua… The boatman didn’t drop us at our resort! He dropped us at Bounty beach & we had to walk 10mins to the resort
12:15 – Reached Exotic… At last… The oasis – away fr the cheats & cons…
14:00 – 1st dive at East Gardens, a site which was a short boat ride away fr Exotic. Started the dive at 14:13. Wilmar was the DM. Because it was a check-out dive, it was shallow (12.3m), relaxed & easy. We dived for 1hr 02mins. Great site for macro stuff – saw several nudibranches, lionfishes, shrimps, pipefishes (banded), a baby sweetlips & 2 pegasus sea-mothes. The sea mothes were so cool – 1 following the other, too bad i didn’t get a good photo of them…
Saw a couple of baby sweetlips during the trip but was unable to take a decent enuf photo! Eye-rolling Luckily, video still passable lor…
15:50 – Back to Exotic after the dive, decided that we were too tired to do the night dive, so went snorkelling instead… We were just on the beach, outside Exotic & there were STuFF!!! Pipefish, hermit crabs, starfishes & even a small, white-coloured scorpionfish (spotted by Angus) with a blade of seagrass in its month ! & school of baby catfish!
19:30 – Had dinner & ready for bed… Yup, at 7:30pm! Hey we hadn’t had much sleep for the past 36hrs… Sleepy

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